Balanced Body Teacher Training

Simply Balanced now ranked #6 as one of the top Balanced Body Host Sites worldwide! 

Simply Balanced is very privileged to be the host teacher training site for Balanced Body in the Southeast. Mat, Reformer, and Comprehensive certification courses are offered annually.

The Balanced Body Pilates teacher training program is designed to create thoughtful, creative, and successful Pilates instructors. The curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying each exercise. Courses are modular and progressive, allowing you to build upon your education and training in a way that works best for you. These courses are also a great opportunity for certified instructors to learn new teaching tools for renewed inspiration. All courses are taught in weekend modules, making it more convenient for students who live outside of the Nashville area to study at Simply Balanced.

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Upcoming Teacher Training Courses




Reformer 1 and Movement Principles - Saturday 7/22/2017 - 7/23/2017

Reformer 2 - Friday 8/11/2017 - Saturday 8/12/2017

Reformer 3 - Saturday 8/12/2017 - Sunday 8/13/2017

Trapeze & Cadillac - Friday 9/8/2017 - Sunday 9/10/2017

Chair - Friday 9/29/2017 - Saturday 9/30/2017

Barrels - Sunday 10/1/2017

Body 1 - Friday 10/20/2017 - Sunday 10/22/2017

Body 2 - Saturday 11/11/2017 - Sunday 11/12/2017

Mat 1 and Movement Principles - Saturday 12/2/2017 - Sunday 12/3/2017

Mat 2 - Saturday 1/13/2018 - Sunday 1/14/18


more dates and info to come....